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Harry(left) going after the Hungarian (right)

Photos Courtesy of Oneswo Ngowi

INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA), DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – The MOST celebrated Namibian great boxer, Harry Simon is targeting the IBF light heavyweight championship held by Bernard Hopkins.



Hurricane Harry a.k.a “The Terminator” has his bull eyes glued on the auspicious title following his recent TKO victory against Zoltan Kiss Jr. in the second round of the international non-title tournament which was held at the Windhoek Country Club & Casinos in the outskirt of the Namibian Capital Windhoek one Saturday 29 June, 2013.



“The Terminator” was at his trademark KO when he made a hurried work on the Hungarian Journeyman. Kiss Jr. kissed the ring canvas early in round two and was enable to solder on in their scheduled 8 rounder tourney making him victim 28th in “The Terminator’s” flourishing boxing career.


The Namibians in their hundreds witnessed Hurricane Harry’s uncanny demeanor as he kept them on their feet throughout the short live tourney and by the time he had finished “kissing” Kiss Jr. Harry was calling for Hopkins head. “I want Bernard Hopkins now” Simon was heard shouting above the spectators voices. “I want to fight him now” continued “The Terminator” who should wait awhile before his dream ever come true because of the IBF’s strict rules for its championships tournaments.



Harry Simon must first find his way back to the IBF top 15 ratings and fight the rated boxers in the same before he ever get a nod to challenge Hopkins. This might take awhile before his dream ever come true.



But, given Simon’s ever charging spirits and his history of dispatching his opponent, the fight with Hopkins might come sooner than later. The Namibian stakeholders including its government need to push for this project to happen. A fight between Simon and Hopkins would eventually put Namibia on top of the world.



Such fight would not only project this country on top of the world’s boxing fraternity but would also propel its tourism sector to an alarming pace. It would stirs the influx of inbound tourists from the US and Latin America to Namibia than ever before and contribute tremendously towards her socio economic development.



While setting his BULL eyes on Hopkins, Simon’s next outing might be against the Serbian die-hard who is the IBF International Super Middleweight Champion, Geard Ajetovic. The duo will fight for the vacant IBF International Light Heavyweight title which might be a jetsetter for  Simon’s bigger plan in his mission to meet Hopkins.



“I will fight for the IBF international title in September 28 and then I’ll chase Bernard Hopkins because he is the IBF world light heavyweight champion. It’s time for me to fight guys like Hopkins because they have been running away from me,” Simon was quoted saying this recently after his fight with Kiss Jr.




“I was a light middleweight and he ran, then I moved up to middleweight and he ran, then I became super middleweight and he ran and now Im a light heavyweight. So Bernard Hopkins, if you are out there, why don’t you fight the best, fight the best that comes from Namibia,” he added.


“Many people wrote me off. They said I’m fat and my age is kicking in but I just showed them, this is not me, this is from God, this is a God given talent. Many things I do here in the ring, I don’t even know how I punched that guy, that is coming from above,” he said




Many stories have been written about this larger than life Namibian boxing star fills a y venue no matter how big when he fights in his young nation but, Harry Simon is who he is when you see him. Simple, friendlier, talkative, likeable and the man of the people.



Whereas other champions seclude and keep it to themselves, Simon like the crowd and spend his time with the masses. He works the crowd as the really champion and those who come across him leave satisfied for having met the man “whose time to regain his lost glory has come” That is Harry Simon a.k.a “Hurricane Harry” or “The Terminator” for YOU.



Congratulations Harry Simon, Namibia. Africa is proud of you!



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